Carbotech XP16 Brake Pads - Rear CT919 - BMW M3 E90/92

Carbotech XP16 Brake Pads - Rear CT919 - BMW M3 E90/92

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Carbotech XP16 Compound Brake Pads & Shoes

Carbotech™ XP16™ is a step up from the highly successful XP12™ compound.

With an aggressive initial bite, torque and fade resistance, and higher than our XP12™ compound.

XP16™ has a temperature range of 250°F to 2000°F+ (121°C to 1093°C+).

Carbotech™ XP16™ has outstanding release and modulation that has made all other Carbotech™ compounds so successful.

The XP16™ is the most rotor aggressive compound from Carbotech™, but compared to its competition the XP16™ is still very rotor friendly.

(Carbotech™ XP16™ is NOT recommended for use as a daily driven street pad due to possible elevated levels of dust and noise.)

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