Carbotech 1521 Brake Pads - Front CT918 - BMW M3 E90/92

Carbotech 1521 Brake Pads - Front CT918 - BMW M3 E90/92

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Carbotech 1521 Compound Brake Pads & Shoes

The Carbotech™ 1521™ is the high performance street compound.

The 1521™ compound is known for its release and modulation, along with unmatched rotor friendliness.

1521™ is also a very low dusting and low noise compound with an excellent initial bite.

This compound's excellent linear torque production provides incredible braking force without ABS intervention.

Carbotech™ 1521™ operating range starts out at ambient and goes up to 800°F (426°C+).

1521™ is suitable for ALL street cars, perfect for your tow vehicle or fleet vehicle.

(Carbotech™ 1521™ is NOT recommended for ANY track use.)


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