Buddy Club P1 Racing Evo Bucket Seat ( Wide )

Buddy Club P1 Racing Evo Bucket Seat ( Wide )

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New Buddy Club Racing Evo.  Very supportive with great cushioning.

This new seat features the same alcantara-like fabric as the standard P1 limited seat, but with a larger head rest.  It is not a full halo, but offers more head/neck support then a standard bucket seat.
The mid-side bolsters are very well padded and supportive.  The lumbar is excellent as the seat contours the human spine.
The back/lumbar has a channeled groove for your spine to rest in for extreme comfort and added cushioning.
On the bottom, there is a hump in the middle where you sit for your legs to comfortably rest without feeling restrictive.

The Wide will fit up to 34 waist comfortably.  36 Waist is very snug.
The regular will fit up to 30 waist comfortably, and we felt 32 waist was pretty snug.
If you have a very athletic build and are between sizes, especially those that skip leg days... go with the Wide version.