Bride Zeta IV Reims Racing Bucket Seat

Bride Zeta IV Reims Racing Bucket Seat

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A full-coverage model with a sporty design featuring accent color lines on the standard BRIDE full bucket seat model ZETAⅣ.

ZETAⅣ REIMS is based on BRIDE's standard model ZETAⅣ, which has a shell design that fits the body shape and bone structure of Japanese people, and is designed to be used in a variety of situations, from general public roads to hard sports driving. This is a full bucket seat with a sporty and stylish design, with the fabric fully covering the back of the seat and accent color lines on the backrest, shoulders, back, stitching, etc.

While maintaining the basic performance of the lightweight and highly rigid ZETA IV, such as high holdability, comfort, durability, and safety, the design is more aggressive and focuses on sportiness.

The shell material is a silver FRP shell, and there are three color variations: black and black, black and red, and black and blue.

Additionally, ZETAⅣ REIMS is a model without an FIA certification label.
Separately sold seat rails for each vehicle type are required for installation.
Compatible seat rails: FO, FB, FK, FG, IG, FT, LG, LF, FX (Type settings vary depending on the vehicle model.)