Bride XERO MS - Black Logo / Super Aramid-Black Carbon

Bride XERO MS - Black Logo / Super Aramid-Black Carbon

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A newly designed, next generation seat

The XERO Series is a full bucket seat that was borne from BRIDE's over 30 years of research and development of racing car seats. With detailed care into everything from the shape of the shell, to the cushion, fabric and design, we have achieved the highest level of functionality, comfort and safety.


A full bucket seat exclusively for competition that achieves ultimate rigidity and hold performance with a new shell design that wraps the whole body.


The round backrest and the large head guard that symbolizes the XERO series protect the driver's body and head from lateral G and rear offset collisions during high-speed driving. In addition, the high-quality quilted cover skin creates a high fit to the body. The XERO MS is a new generation of low-angle racing full bucket seats that pursue safety and driving comfort.

A quilted cover skin is used on the inside of the knee support to improve the fit and comfort compared to conventional seats. In addition, the XERO MS backrest has a unique round shape that provides a wrap-around hold and a low angle.


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