Bride EuroGhost X Seat - Olive Green Camoflage

Bride EuroGhost X Seat - Olive Green Camoflage

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Each Bride seat is priced individually.
**Armrest sold separately and NOT included**

EUROGHOST X is based on BRIDE's sports comfort reclining seat EUROSTER II, which realizes comfortable long drives with an ergonomic design.

The urethane foam that feels a little stiff and the seat shape, which was thought out based on the know-how we have accumulated so far, wraps and holds the entire body, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable long drive.

The seat fabric is made of PVC material that is resistant to water droplets and dirt and is resistant to scratches, making it highly convenient and maintainable for camping and other outdoor activities.

**Compatible with the following seat rail types: MB, MK, MO, YZ**