Brembo Pista 6-Pistong Big Brake Kit for Nissan RZ34 Z - Front

Brembo Pista 6-Pistong Big Brake Kit for Nissan RZ34 Z - Front

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As we have been tracking our Z, one thing we noticed at full stock weight is that the brakes are more then adequate for street and moderate track use.
When you begin the push the Z with aggressive tires and more power, the front brakes can handle few laps before you realize you need some brake ducting.  
When it comes to brakes it is imperative to use quality name brands as your safety depends on it.  Brembo is just that... a brand you can trust when it comes to brakes.
The PISTA kit is a no fuss brake kit for the Z.  You need more stopping power, this is it.  So much engineering behind the design that you bolt-on this kit and go with the appropriate pad compound.

The PISTA| FF family makes its debut with a 6-piston caliper – FF6 and a 4-piston caliper – FF4, ideal for use on the track where drivers drive under extreme conditions in a constant search for the best lap time. 

 The new Brembo PISTA | FF calipers have internal ducts that the brake fluid passes through which have been carefully studied to guarantee maximum bleedability of the system; they also have a rapid release system available on request for replacing the pads, as in endurance races, which enables the worn friction material to be replaced quickly and safely without having to remove the caliper from the hub carrier. 

 From an aesthetic point of view too, the new calipers in the PISTA| FF family resemble the brake systems that Brembo uses in top racing competitions. They have a forged asymmetric body with a fixed tangential bridge. The quick release can be replaced with fixed elements to increase rigidity in sprint applications. ​

*Please allow 6-8 weeks for build time from Brembo.