Brembo GT  Black Rear Drilled Big Brake Kit - FR-S/BRZ

Brembo GT Black Rear Drilled Big Brake Kit - FR-S/BRZ

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For those of you looking for the ultimate upgrade for your rear brakes, check out Brembo’s answer. This is the 4 Piston Big Brake Kit for the rear that features 345x28 2-Piece drilled rotors. The Brembo Big Brake Kit has been designed to offer a substantial increase in brake efficiency especially in spirited driving conditions. Big brake kits provide more cooling, better stopping power, reduced stopping distances, along with improved driving performance of your vehicle. These key points are especially beneficial for those of you who enjoy spirited driving, or participate in weekend track events where you feel confident enough to brake hard, and brake late. 

Included in this kit are massive 4 piston calipers that are finished in black which will look amazing shining through the wheels. Also included are a set of Brembo’s 2-Piece 345mm rear brake rotors. These rotors are drilled, and have been designed to perform a sweeping action wiping away excess heat gases and brake pad dust so that the friction surface is always clean.  There will be a pair of stainless steel brake lines included. Stainless steel brake lines won’t expand under heat and pressure like conventional brake lines. This means you will have a faster response at the pedal, and stainless steel lines are also compliant with most brake fluids. Finally hardware will be included 

Please note that because this brake kit is larger than stock, aftermarket wheels will most likely be required. Please contact us for the wheel fitment guide for this kit.