Precision 6062 GEN2 & Garrett GTX3582R GENII

Precision 6062 GEN2 & Garrett GTX3582R GENII

23rd Mar 2019

With turbo technology advancing each year, it's almost like having an iPhone;  You don't really need the new new, but there are definitely improvements.

Originally for our K-swap we were looking into a GTX3076R GENII.
I would have provided the response and linear power band we were looking for, however efficiency would be limited as the K motors are very efficient and will move a lot of air.
We then looked at the GTX3582R GENII with V-band .83, but felt it might be just a bit on the too large side, but holds the potential for upwards of a 1000hp, not that we would.
By the way this turbo is used in everything from a 4cyl to 8cyl engines.  That's how versatile this turbo is.

Looking a little further and talking to Precision, we decided to go with the PTE6062 GEN2 .82 A/R with stainless v-band housing.  It sounded like this turbo would provide what we are looking for.
The goal for the car is to have a linear power band with good response and still have the capability to push 700whp+ if needed.


If you are looking into upgrading your turbo, make sure to opt for the vband inlet and outlet.  No more bolts breaking, no more gaskets to replace and best of all it saves your knuckles!
Stainless housing is also more efficient due to the smooth surface, and it's lighter in weight then cast iron.

Here are you can see that the outer housings are nearly identical between the two turbos.

You can see below the v-band inlet and outlet on the turbine housings.

below is side by side of the Tial .83 A/R and Precision .82 A/R turbine housings.

One of the big difference between these two is that Precision is oil cooled, so there is no need for water lines.  You can see the heat sink design of the center section.

Again, each turbo has it's attributes, and it's up you and your trusted shop to get a setup together that works best for your car!