Big Toy Blue 4-Runner Gets Some More Upgrades

Big Toy Blue 4-Runner Gets Some More Upgrades

9th Dec 2020

Our long time client and friend Geoff brought us his Toyota 4-Runner Limited for some upgrades.

We lifted this truck earlier using ToyTec suspension and other components, but Geoff wasn't satisfied with the ride quality.  Dave had to validate and threw on the suspension on our shock dyno.
Needless to say, King Racing Suspsension was in order.
First, we remove the old suspension and install the new King Shocks.

Up Next is for the major facelift.
The Victory 4x4 front bumper does not work with the Limited edition bumper, so our resident 4-runner specialist John got one of his new OEM SR5 Toyota front bumper from his personal stock pile to use.
We start by removing the front bumper and crash bar.  The Victory 4x4 steel bumper bolts onto the factory crash bar location, so there is no need for the OEM Aluminum piece.

Mock up.  Measure twice and cut once.

First, we play it safe by cutting a little less then needed.  No turning back if you cut off too much.

Lower half cut off.  You can see we don't keep much of the bumper, but just enough to allow for the grille to remain in place.

The bumper weighs close to 100 pounds, so this isn't something we recommend doing by yourself in the garage unless you have a friend or two.
After many test fitments and careful trimming, we ended with near perfect fitment with even gap throughout.

With the bumper cut and fitted, Install the Rigid Light LED Light bar and LED fog lights.

After the LED Lights are installed, we installed the 10,000lbs capacity winch.
The K2O Winch offers a plug-in wired controller, or add batteries and can go full wireless control.  Really slick!

Geoff told us that he his hearing some knocking noise from the suspension.  Upon inspection we noticed one of the rear axles had both CV boots torn, and was completely lacking grease.  
We ordered a genuine Toyota axle to replace the damaged one.

Geoff went with the heavy duty nylon rope for the winch.

Running 34.5" tires in the stock wheel well doesn't come without a price.
You have to cut part of the frame which protrudes into the wheel well.  

You could just leave the end open, but we fabricated a cap to resemble OEM frame.

Before moving on, we wire up everything and test it.  This is before we adjusted the ride height, and due to the weight of the front bumper and winch, the front sags slightly.  We have the higher 650lb springs on order to compensate for the increased front weight.

Installed these super cool LED tail lights to match the LED Headlights.

Next we remove the OEM roof rack, and install modular roof rack

The steel side step install.
First you have to carefully measure and ensure fitment.

Once these heavy duty pieces are fit, you need to start the cutting and trimming process to fit around the side step.

Again, we cut and trim as needed after each test fitment to ensure a flush fit.

Can't get more flush then this!

Install front skid plates, under bay skid plates, and control arm skid plates, and trim as necessary.
Then, take it for a test drive and make sure everything works like it should... and snap a few pics while out.
Does thing look mean or what!

Check out the Enkei RPT1's wrapped in K02's.

This is it for now... we have more mods coming for Big Toy Blue!