ATS Spec 1 Light Twin Clutch- Subaru BRZ

ATS Spec 1 Light Twin Clutch- Subaru BRZ

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ATS Spec 1 Light Triple Clutch- Subaru BRZ

The ATS Metal Clutch is a high performance clutch which covers all driving stages from street to racing competitions.

The ATS metal clutch is manufactured with the extensive experiences ATS had in the performance drive train industry. Utilizing a 9 inch (230mm) diameter metal clutch disc, the torque capacity has been significantly raised and the cushioning disc design ensures the very smooth engagement. From the disc to a tiny bolt, all ATS parts are carefully selected to meet ATS's high standard of quality. In the process of manufacturing, extra attention is paid to ensure the clutch is very light without increasing vibration levels and without sacrificing its structural strength. From an ATS single to triple clutch, the ATS metal clutch generates superior shift feel with excellent performance and durability.

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