ATS Hybrid Carbon Limited Slip Differential 1.5-Way LSD for Evo X Front

ATS Hybrid Carbon Limited Slip Differential 1.5-Way LSD for Evo X Front

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Front Hybrid carbon 1.5-Way LSD for Evo X.
Proven to effectively transfer power to the front wheels consistently.  
The 1.5-way is the preferred type for Evo's as it tends to allow excellent rotation, with increased braking stability.

Advantage of carbon disc
* Reduced under steer
* Superior locking performance at a low initial torque
* No noise
Advantage of metal disc
* Superb durability
* Powerful locking performance

The new carbon LSD - Carbon Hybrid offers the freedom of choosing a carbon / metal ratio depending on the course condition and driver's preference. The initial torque is set at 13kg-m to 15kg-m and ATS is convinced this LSD will be another strong winner in the 2012 racing season and beyond.

1) The LSD is activated at a lower torque than the metal LSD and generates less under steer.
2) It maintains the higher initial torque longer than the carbon LSD.
3) Several choices are offered in carbon / metal combination.
4) It can superbly handle the tough FF driving condition with slick tires.
5) The LSD case is made of heat treated forged chromoly for the maximum strength.
6) Ample optional & spare parts are available for excellent adjustability.
7) Outstanding choice for the endurance race, racing with slick tires, and competitions.

Important - it is very important to monitor the differential oil temperature to keep it under 150 C degree (302 F). Continued driving with the differential temperature above that point might cause the carbon chips peeled off.