AiM Sports - 6" MXP Strada Dash Display

AiM Sports - 6" MXP Strada Dash Display

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Key Features:

6”TFT display, resolution 800x480 pixels, contrast 600:1, ambient light sensor, 5 RGB freely
configurable alarms LEDs, 10 integrated freely configurable RGB LEDs shift lights, 3 CAN
connections, CAN, RS232, K-Line connection to 1,000+ industry leading ECUs, 8 fully
configurable analog inputs, 1 speed digital input, coil RPM input, 1 digital output,
anodized aluminum body, metallic pushbuttons, 2 AMP connectors + 1 Binder connector,


In the box:

MXP Strada, USB cable, 14 pins standard harness, 23 pin connector + contacts, Race
Studio 3 software.


MXP Strada is a 6" colour display with great visual impact, configurable to show lap times and all the info coming from the Engine Control Unit, analog/digital inputs, pre-defined math channels and - optionally - the GPS08 Module.


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