RV6 R365 RED Ball Bearing Turbo for 1.5T CivicX (L15)

RV6 R365 RED Ball Bearing Turbo for 1.5T CivicX (L15)

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You asked for it and we listened. Introducing the R365 RED ball bearing turbocharger for the 2016-21 Civic equipped with a 1.5T engine. We took what we learned from the successful R365 turbo and improved upon it. The R365 BB RED features a dual ceramic ball bearing for faster spool. As well as performance oriented high flow compressor and turbine wheels. These improvements allow the R365BB RED to spool 400RPM faster than the R365 and also improves top end power. 

This turbo will require thicker 0W-30 or 5W-30. The reasoning is that running increased boost pressures on a small frame turbocharger puts significant load on the ball bearings. The thicker oil will offer better protection for the engine and turbocharger at higher power levels.

**Professional installation recommended**

**Custom Tune required**

Inducer - 50.38mm
Exducer - 68mm
Blades - 5+5

Inducer 47mm
Exducer 41.4mm
Blades - 9
A/R 0.5

•Direct drop in design
•Quick spooling dual ceramic ball bearings
•Light weight billet compressor wheel
•Inconel Alloy Turbine wheel
•Optimized FEA analysis design
•One year hassle free warranty