Radium Engineering Top Feed Fuel Rail KA24DE

Radium Engineering Top Feed Fuel Rail KA24DE

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Radium Engineering Top Fee Fuel Rail KA24DE

The KA24DE fuel rail has a large 0.69" (17.5mm) bore and converts the system to a top-feed style fuel injection. This fuel rail was designed to work seamlessly with injectors from Injector Dynamics, although other brands with the same injector height will work. The CNC machined fuel rail securely fastens to the factory intake manifold mounting bosses with two anodized aluminum spacers and stainless steel bolts (included). There are four customizable ports on the fuel rail for flexibility in plumbing of the fuel system. The front port is a 3/4-16 (-8AN) O-ring thread. Radium offers a variety of different screw-in adapters for this port (-6AN, -8AN, -10AN). The rear port is 3/8NPT that can accommodate an adapter fitting for -6AN hose or a fuel pulse damper. Also available for the rear port is a special adapter (sold separately) that allows installation of the OEM Nissan fuel pressure regulator. The KA24DE fuel rail kit comes with everything needed for a trouble-free bolt on installation.