OMP Racing 4M 4pt Harness- Black with Yellow

OMP Racing 4M 4pt Harness- Black with Yellow

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OMP 4pt Harness- Black with Yellow 

It goes without saying that when your car is completely setup for the track, you need a racing harness.

Not only do they provide a level of safety when installed correctly, but they help to keep you strapped into your racing seat.

No one knows this better then OMP.

Years of experience in WRC, GT Championship, Endurance Racing, and countless other motorsport events has given them insight into what makes a good harness. Crashes happen, no one wants it, but you had better be prepared incase of an accident. Don;t trust an inferior harness with your life,

OMP has spent the time and money to get their harnesses certified.

They are hands down in the upper echelon of racing gear.


  • 4 point harness
  • 2in shoulder and lap belts
  • Clip in plate chassis attachment
  • Central push button release
  • Abdominal protection pads
  • Supplied with 7/16” eye bolts.
  • ECE homologated.  
  • Available in Black, Blue, or Red 
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