Kswap K-Series to CD009 Transmission Adapter Plate + Billet Flywheel

Kswap K-Series to CD009 Transmission Adapter Plate + Billet Flywheel

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We are excited to release our billet flywheel and transmission adapter plate to mate your K-Series engine to a CD00x transmission.
This is an alternative to our BMW ZF adapter kit.  In certain regions around the world, it is very difficult to source the bmw transmission, so this is a viable option.
The CD009 transmission has been proven to be reliable, economical, and can extremely robust.  Often used on LSx, 2JZ motors as well due to its durability.
You can even purchase the CD00x transmission from Nissan brand new.

As some of you already had a CD009 trans with your previous swap, you understand that some 'massaging' of the trans tunnel may be required.  The K24 with this transmission is no different.
It will require you to pull out the hammer and make some room for the trans.

We also recommend using the Serial9 CD999 Shifter kit as you can adjust the shifter position to be near center just like OEM.

Billet flywheel and adapter plate is precision machined out of 6061 aluminum and anodized.
We are using OEM Nissan pilot bushing for the flywheel.

The billet flywheel will accept any standard clutch for the 350Z 6spd manual.
Comes with all new hardware to install the adapter plate.

If you need flywheel bolts, we recommend using genuine Honda OEM - Click Here

Once you have your transmission installed, you're ready for a driveshaft - Click Here