HKS coilover install on FK8 Type R

HKS coilover install on FK8 Type R

2nd Aug 2019

Ray's Type R has seen few track days this year with OEM suspension baseline to subtle progressive upgrades.Learning from the past that doing everything all at once isn't always the best approach, Ray took progressive steps to see what the car needed as he put the car to use.Starting out with simple J's Racing rigid collars, to Whiteline rear sway bar the car was a blast to drive on track. Wanting more out of the Type R, ray pulled the trigger to install coilovers on the Type R, and went with the new HKS HiperMax.

Front:  Inverted Monotube
Rear:  Monotube

Spring rates are:  12kg front / 10gk rear

This kit includes the SEC (Suspension Error Canceller) to eliminate the CEL on your dash.

Front coilovers come with adjustable camber plates, and with previously installed SPC adjustable camber arms and Whiteline rear toe arms, we are now able to dial in the suspension.

Car looks just right at this setting.
First test drive, you could immediately feel the difference on how the car's dynamics were changed.  Car was much more responsive, and felt tight around the bends of the road.  Over higher speed bumps, you can feel the compression being supported by the higher spring rates, and the valving of the damper felt well matched for the spring rates.  Car felt composed and solid without feeling overly harsh.
We'll see how the car does at the next track day!

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