FK8 Civic TypeR Review and a Baseline Dyno Session.

FK8 Civic TypeR Review and a Baseline Dyno Session.

Posted by TFMike on 30th Dec 2018

The new TypeR has been raved by MotorTrend, Car & Driver, and other car editorials alike, and is an extremely capable car on and off the race track.MotorTrend put the TypeR on the list of Best Top 10 Sports cars alongside AMG GT-R, Porsche GT3, McLaren, etc.  Who would have thought a Civic...

The car we have belongs to Jon, who has been a long time friend/client for us... Couple notable cars (if you follow our blogs) that we have built for him in the past are; the TH1 Blue R32 GTR, and the K-Swap AE86.

The TypeR was brought to us for some baseline testing and upgrades for the 2019 track season.  
Jon wanted to a car that could pull double duty as a daily and a capable track car, and for anyone in the market, this is just that.  Fun to drive, great gas mileage for a 300hp+ car, and enough cargo space to lug 4 wheels and tires to get mounted and balanced!

Front and rear fascia is as aggressive as any car manufacture would dare to take it at this price range, but it definitely suits the new R badge.

Ergonomics of the car is fantastic.  The seats are comfortable, while offering plenty of support and feels extremely similar to a Recaro Sportster CS and the BRIDE Stradia.  The pedal layout is perfect for those that still prefer the manual heel-toe, instead of the auto-blip.

How much power did it put down stock?
Well, on the DynoJet the car managed to put down back to back 294whp and 297tq.  Per our shop manager/Tuner Mikey, this is typical of a healthy stock motor K20C.

In summary, the car is a blast to drive.  Steering feedback is as good as it gets, and a first for Honda where you torque is there when you want it.  
We are excited to see what this car can do with few upgrades, and addressing the common issues.

Stay tuned...

Glimpse of Ray's Sonic Gray FK8 TypeR.  We have lots of upgrades for his car as well!