BC Racing BR Type Coilovers 2015+ S550 Mustang GT V6 EcoBoost

BC Racing BR Type Coilovers 2015+ S550 Mustang GT V6 EcoBoost

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 The BR Series BC Coilovers for the 2015 Mustang are perfect for your Mustang they will give you the ultimate balance between an aggressive stance, comfort, and performance. BC Racing Mustang coilovers do all that while maintaining a great budget friendly price.  Every set of BC coilovers have been designed and tested to be competitive on the track and comfortable enough to daily drive. 

    One quick google image search for 2015 Mustang on coilovers should sell you on the aggressive stance. The options available to customize your setup with our BC coilovers should be enough to tell you  that they are the right choice no matter what you are going to use your Mustang for.  BC offers the ability to completely customize spring rates and the valving of the shock damper to go with them.  You can also choose to upgrade the springs to Swift springs which are widely held as one of the best suspension springs in motorsports.

   BC racing has made it easy to get to adjustment knobs for fine-tuning compression and rebound.  The Mustangs coilover is ride height adjustment independent of shock stroke and spring pre-load, owning and adjusting a performance coilover system has never been simpler. You are in full control of how low or high the vehicle sits there is no preset ride height and the BC Racing patented concave lower locking collars keep your settings locked securely in place. BC Racing Mustang coilovers also feature a front camber plate to get the perfect alignment setup without hassle.

BC racing's 2015 Mustang coilovers carry many features of higher end suspension while maintaining a better price for budget minded enthusiasts.


  • Mono-tube shock design
  • Linear piston and damping curve
  • Height adjustment via shock body, not spring
  • 30-clicks of damping adjustment (compression/rebound simultaneously)
  • Front camber plates standard
  • 1 year limited warranty against manufacturer defect

Front Spring Rate = 7k    Rear Spring Rate = 14k