AiM Sports PDM08 with 10" Road / Street Icons Display GPS Logger Kit

AiM Sports PDM08 with 10" Road / Street Icons Display GPS Logger Kit

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The AiM PDM08 has been designed to distribute power to multiple circuits on your vehicle.

Key Features:


  • 8 High Side Outputs
  • 6 Inputs
  • Controls multiple vehicle circuits 
  • Data logging facility
  • 8 Status LEDs
  • Free Race Studio 3 Download
  • ECU connections, for getting data from your ECU
  • Dash controller, for easily managing a 6" or 10" dash
  • Data logging, for avoiding adding another logger to your car
  • 9 axis EMU platform
  • GPS Module, providing automatic lap times and track positions
  • Mirror and reverse camera
  • TFT Display

The AiM PDM08 is a 8 channel advanced power distribution module designed to power a multitude of vehicle circuits removing the need for traditional fuse boxes and relays.

It allows for a simplified wiring harness with increased reliability and control functions. The PDM08 is available on its own or with a choice of 6" or 10" dash displays. It can also be capable of receiving data from the vehicles ECU and even includes a data logger and GPS module for lap timing and track mapping.



  • Inputs - 6 fully configurable, max 500 Hz each
  • Power Outputs - 8 rated up to 20 A (mid power)
    Protected for: over voltage, under voltage, over current,
    over temperature
  • Lin Bus - 1
  • CAN Connections - 3
  • Intertial Platform - 3 axis +5G accelerometer + 3 axis gyro + 3 axis magnetomter
  • Internal Memory - 4 GB
  • External Modules - GPS Module, Channel Expansion, TC Hub, Lambda Controller, SmartyCam HD, Formula Steering Wheel, Remote I/O Pushbutton Module 
  • External Analogue Camera Input - NO
  • Body - Anodised Aluminium
  • Waterproof - IP65
  • Dimensions - 161 x 100.6 x 50.6 mm