Oil Change:
4 qts of AMSOIL 5w-30 & K&N Gold Filter:
5 qts of AMSOIL 5w-30 & K&N Gold Filter:
6 qts of AMSOIL 5w-30 & K&N Gold Filter:
(Motul, ENEOS, Redline and Royal Purple are available upon request, price varies)

Trans Fluid Change:
Manual / Auto Transmision

Transfer case
Differential fluid
(AMSOIL, Redline, Motul are available)

60,000 Mile Service:
Water Pump

Balance Belt Tensioner
Balance Belt
Timing Belt
Timing Belt Tensioner
Timing Belt Tensioner Pulley
Timing Belt Idler Pulley
(Parts vary by car)

Brake and Coolant flush:
We offer complete brake and coolant flush

(Brembo, Motul, ATE are available)

Suspension parts:
Lowering springs

bumpsteer kits
sway bars
(Contact us for package deals)

We offer free diagnosis on OBDII vehicles.

Non OBDII vehicles might be charged a minimum fee, depending on the trouble.