WedsSport TC105X

WedsSport TC105X

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WedsSport TC105X

The pinnacle of Light Weight Cast Wheel Technology. This is the new standard by which all racing wheels are measured.

-Ball-Milling Side Cut: Increases spoke rigidity and strength while reducing weight.
-N-Frame V.2: Reinforces spoke window and increases strength and rigidity.
-Increased Hub Mass: Increases overall load capacity, rigidity, and strength for better steering response.
-New Barrel Profile: Allows installation of larger brake systems and also improves overall strength and high speed stability.
-VDA Painting Process: Vacuum Disposition Aluminum paint [industry first]: Reduces heat build-up, much smoother paint property than standard paint resulting in less brake dust build up, and creates an iridescent color under different lighting angles
-Thicker Rim Flange: TC105X has thicker rim flange which increase the durability and strength without increasing the overall weight of the wheel
-Bead Seat Knurling: The knurling on the TC105X is more pronounced than before.  This helps keep the tires from spinning on the rim which causes off-balance of rim and tire.
-Multiple Face Type: Depending on size and specs, TC105X have multiple different face types available to accommodate various brake systems.

**Pricing listed is PER WHEEL.  Center caps sold separately.**

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