S-Chassis Kswap Kit Phase 2: DCT Transmission

S-Chassis Kswap Kit Phase 2: DCT Transmission

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For those interested in doing the DCT Transmission with our K-swap, we just made it easier for you.
As a DomiWorks exclusive distributor, we now offer a complete kit using either the S55 or S65 DCT transmissions.
Our billet transmission mount has been designed so that the R-chassis, Cefiro and Laurel's can use our kit too.  As these chassis came with the longer RB engines, front subframe and transmission mounting points are different.  You will need to use a S-chassis front subframe and our trans mount will work.
Hicas equipped models will need to switch to non-hicas rack to clear the engine mounts.

This package is designed to install a K-series engine into your S-chassis.
We engineered our kit to be simple for any DIY'er.  No major modification needed other then removing the OEM trans tunnel brace where the OEM trans mounts to.  Once that is removed, you will need to "massage" the tunnel slightly to clearance for the much larger BMW DCT transmission.
We built our kit around the OEM hood, and the SR strut tower brace will still work.
Variants of K-series will work, however some do not have the performance of what the 04-08 TSX K24A2's are able to produce.
The kit is designed to work with either of the BMW S55 or S65 DCT transmissions.

Our kit has been thoroughly tested in track conditions to ensure quality and performance.
Phase 2 kit includes the following:

- Billet Engine Mounts
- Billet Trans Mount
- Billet Front Subframe Spacers
- Polyurethane transmission bushings
- Aluminum Oil Pan
- Billet oil pump adapter kit
- Billet K to DCT trans Adapter Plate
- K to DCT Transmission hub adapter kit
- Front Sway Bar Spacers

Please note:  
Each oil pan comes standard with one 1/2" NPT female bung for turbo oil drain and one 1/8" NPT female bung for a temp sensor.  
If you need a second 1/2" NPT female bung added on the intake side of the pan - please select the option.

**Please check back often as we will be constantly adding new products to make the K-swap evolve and make the install less complex**