Ohlins Road&Track Coilovers '99-09 Honda S2000 (AP1/2)

Ohlins Road&Track Coilovers '99-09 Honda S2000 (AP1/2)

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Ohlins Road&Track Coilovers '99-09 Honda S2000 (AP1/2)
-Front: 100 N/mm(572 lbs/in.)
-Rear: 90 N/mm(458 lbs/in.)

General Features:
-Dual Flow Valve
-Corrosion salt spray tested
-2-year limited warranty

Shock Features
-Conventional shock absorber
-Single bleed adjuster
-Spring preload adjuster
-Height adjustable [approx. 25mm lower than standard

With Öhlins DNA integrated throughout, this suspension is the must have upgrade for your automobile.

The high-revving, heart-fluttering, screamer from Honda, the S2000 is a sportscar whose engine has a motorcycle’s personality. Winner of many awards for design and engineering, the S2000 is also a trophy winner in SCCA and Autocross, the tuned Öhlins Road&Track suspension gives the driver championship confidence.

HOS MI21 updated kit:
After some new tests at the test track, and fine tuning of the new setting, our test drivers was 100% satisfied with the handling of the car and how it behaved. We then continued with road tests to verify that the car would still offer enough comfort for public roads, which it did.

To avoid hitting the bump rubber due to the short compression stroke from ride height, we increased the spring preload (raising the car) but decreased the length of the damper (lowering the car again) by adjusting the length adjuster cup keeping the same ride height as before. This way we were able to gain 20mm more compression stroke without changing any hardware on the shock absorber.

The result is that from ride height we now have approximately 50mm of compression stroke and 50mm of rebound stroke. 

To avoid coil binding of the front spring we limited the compression stroke on the front shock absorbers by 20mm. Even though limiting the compression stroke, we still have 80mm available compression stroke from ride height which is more than enough!

The HOS MI21 update improves the handling of the car in several areas. With the new springs, setting and stroke redistribution, the car has now much less oversteering tendencies, better turn in, less roll, better balance and more traction.