Work Wheels Gnosis GS4 - 7 Mesh Elegance

Work Wheels Gnosis GS4 - 7 Mesh Elegance

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7 Mesh Elegance

Introducing the all new Gnosis GS-4.  The 7 spoke elegant mesh styled GS-4 is one of latest models for the WORK 2009 line up.  The Gnosis design concept focus on incorporating classic styling with bold and aggressive features, such as sharper spoke edges and all new redesigned lip flange.  This gives the Gnosis GS-4 the look of strength without compromise the classic and rich styling. All Gnosis Wheels are two-piece construction, utilizing the latest WORK Low-Pressure Casting and Rim Forming technology to assure the strength and quality of every Gnosis Wheels.

Application:     Japanese, European and Domestic Vehicles.

Each Wheel Include: 
    Center Cap and Valve Stem

Custom 5 Lugs Bolt Pattern Available.

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Prices start at:  $630 each