WORK Wheels Durandal DD10.2

WORK Wheels Durandal DD10.2

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For 2012, we are proud to bring to you the second release in the Durandal series!

The second model in the series is the Durandal DD10.2, a very luxurious wheel with its multi split spoke design.  Due to the intricate nature of the center disk, we are able to customize to a fine degree while showcasing the quality of our machining work.

The WORK Durandal DD10.2 can be done in either Full Reverse barrel (19" + 20") or Step Rim barrel (20" + 21"). Both of these barrel options come in an anodized polished barrel which features a solid rim flange for strength.

Due to its two piece construction, you can customize offsets within 1mm increments, allowing for fine tuning of wheel fitment.

Included with wheel: 
Durandal center cap + valvestem

Sizing: 19" / 20" (Full Reverse), 20" / 21" (Step Rim)

Widths/Offsets: see sizing chart in PDF link below

Standard PCD: 5x100, 5x114.3

Available PCD range (custom): 5x100 through 5x120.65 PCD

TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) Compatible: please inquire with dealer for more info on TPMS options


Available sizing: