No job is too small or too big for TFWorks.  We can install your boost gauge or do a full custom chassis harness service.  You can reduce as much as 40lbs of wiring from some cars, however this shouldn’t be the only reason.  You can replace the old switch type relays to solid state relays that have no moving parts.  This significantly reduces any chances of relays failing and makes diagnosing electrical problems easy.

We can install all types of gauges, clusters.  Manual or electrical.

Motor Swaps:
TFWorks is known for doing custom harnesses in all types of cars.  LS1 into FD3S, FC3S, S13, S14, Monte Carlo.  RB into S13, S14.  1JZ into AE86. SR20DET into AE86, S13, S14,G20,Sentra.

TFWorks can also troubleshoot electrical problems or previous wiring mistakes.

Race Wiring:
We will build you a new harness from scratch using solid state relays and bigger gauge wires to reduce resistance.  Custom Fuse panel, kill switch, diagnostic box will be installed.