Winmax Rear Brake Pads for Mazda Miata MX-5 NCEC 2005-2015

Winmax Rear Brake Pads for Mazda Miata MX-5 NCEC 2005-2015

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Winmax Rear Brake Pads for Mazda Miata MX-5 NC 2005-2015

WINMAX is a racing division of MK Kashiyama Corp. where high performance brake pads are designed and produced primarily for motorsports usage. Established in 1960 in Japan, the Winmax brand has been recognized by many professionals as their premier choice of friction material across the globe. Since the beginning, Winmax brakes has widely been used in Japan and Asia for Rally Racing (Tarmac/Gravel), Gymkhana, Time Attack, and karting.

Each brake pad has been developed using data logged from real racing conditions as well as specific needs that the racers have requested per vehicle application. Many hours of research, testing, and development is invested every day in the technical research center (ISO9001, ISO14001 Certified) to bring you the finest friction material there is.


W1: Effective compound for high-performance use with minimal noise & brake dust.
  Non-steel material pads that are a perfect upgrade from factory for those who need increased stopping power.  Long lasting pad and rotor life that's easy on the noise and brake dust and starts working instantly from ambient temperature.

W2: Improved initial response for sport driving with longer pad & rotor life.
  The W2 has a slightly higher temperature effectiveness range and coefficient of friction for increased braking power.  This is a performance pad designed for those who enjoy sport driving without the harsh characteristics subjected by a typical racing brake pad.

W3: Blended for aggressive or circuit racing, the W3 is the most versatile brake pad available on the market.
  These specially formulated pads still minimalize brake dust and noise emissions while providing the best brake control.  The W3 is the ideal choice for those who want to maintain great rotor & pad wear without compromising performance.

W4: Specifically designed for circuit racing that require superior braking control. 
By incorporating low levels of steel material into the brake pad composition, increased effectiveness and brake control were enabled.  The W4 is a conservative, yet powerful circuit pad for virtually any type of race track.

W5: Compound for large circuit racing targeted for increased brake control & effectiveness.
  Made with high steel ingredients but perfectly balanced for large circuit racing, the W5 is the choice for seasoned track enthusiasts.  Recommended for dedicated race cars where protection against extreme brake fade is required.

W6: High friction & temperature tolerant pads balanced for efficiency & Mu.  
The W6 excels most at higher temperatures especially made for harsh motorsports conditions such as Rally racing.  A linear braking output can be experienced as more force is applied as well as increased brake control at higher speeds

W7: Full race brake pads for pro circuit & rally racing with maximum stopping force.  Professional class brake pads that have the highest heat tolerance and effectiveness as well as break-neck coefficient of friction stopping power.  These pads are designed to work with race vehicles with deleted master cylinders.

WE1: Friction material that never ceases its character in long races for up to 3 hours of continuous & repetitive use.  Targeted for endurance races lasting up to 3 hours, the WE1 is high steel brake pad that retains stable braking performance continuously.  The special material compound excels against brake fade while retaining great stopping power and control throughout its use.

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