Voltex Type 1 GT Wings (1500mm)

Voltex Type 1 GT Wings (1500mm)

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Voltex Type 1 / 2 GT Wings

The Voltex Type 2 is the basic model for Voltex GT Wings and recommended for usage on vehicles with rounded rear ends such as the Integra and S2000. Known for the great balance, it is best for FR vehicles such as the S2000. From street to track, this wing can be made from 1,500mm to 1,700mm. The Type 1 is a low drag, and is a bit smaller than the type 2 wing. Being thin-layered and ensuring low drag, Type I is generally for FF vehicles such as Integras and other light weight vehicles.

The wing comes ready to install with standard mounts and 245mm bracket stands. 275mm brackets are available at an additional price.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: If you have any questions about Voltex GT Wings, please feel free to contact us. It's best to call us, so we can better explain all the available options. We are more than happy to make recommendations based on your car and type of race usage.

BRACKETS: Most wings include standard 245mm, 275mm +$50 MSRP

MOUNTS: All wings include standard mount, see below for special mount 


All wings are carbon fiber. Fiberglass versions are special order and 

available for MSRP less $150.


Dry carbon also available please contact us for more information