Volk Racing TE37 SAGA 17x9+42 4x100 Bronze

Volk Racing TE37 SAGA 17x9+42 4x100 Bronze

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Volk Racing TE37 SAGA 17x9+42 4x100 Bronze - TF EXCLUSIVE

Propelling performance

RAYS is proud to introduce the newest model in the TE37 legacy : Volk Racing TE37 Saga! Now in a special 17x9 +42 size, with a PCD of 4x100 for the first time ever. This is a limited production batch, limited to 5 sets worldwide. 

*Clears ND Miata OEM Brembo Calipers*

RAYS went back to the drawing board and re-engineered the TE37 by creating an all new TE37 Saga which preserved the tradition and history that has always been the true essence of the Volk Racing TE37.
It inherits the traditional 6 spoke design and aimed for further improvement in performance by creating a deeper pocket behind each spoke without sacrificing rigidity.
In other words, even through twenty years of history, the true foundation has not changed.
It took 12 months of extensive development to bring the all new TE37 Saga to life.
Thorough re-analysis of the original TE37, realization of higher rigidity and higher performance has been accomplished.
This refined TE37 incorporate all these new factors of a sports car with more power, speed, and weight.

Exceed performance and dare to drive it – bring it on!