Tomei Titanium Valve Spring Retainer (Each) for Nissan SR20DET

Tomei Titanium Valve Spring Retainer (Each) for Nissan SR20DET

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An indispensable part for any high powered, high speed engine. The combination of high lift camshafts and these oversized valves will greatly increase the flow rate for fuel mixture to enter the combustion chamber. When upgrading the Valves to cope with the new high lift camshafts it is also a requirement to upgrade the Valve Springs to suit the new setup. High engine speeds and the dynamic movement of the valve trains mass can cause unwanted stress loads. This can cause abnormal movements such as a Valve jump or Valve bounce which can cause engine failure. The Tomei Retainers are made from Titanium alloy for added weight reduction whilst maintaining the high strength properties and precision required for the nature of its use. This will help keeping the Valves under control and secure the Valve in place during extreme race conditions.


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