Tomei PONCAM Lifter Set for Mazda Miata NB8C

Tomei PONCAM Lifter Set for Mazda Miata NB8C

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Set of 16 pcs.


■ Designed to optimise the true performance potential of the NA engine throughout the entire RPM range.
Superior Response: Amazing engine response with light throttle movements.
Stable Mid Range: More smooth mid range response.
Rev Harder: Will rev much faster & rev to redline quicker than ever before.
IN 252° EX 256°:High Performance Spec Cam Lift of 10.0mm
■ Keep the stock car drivability feel & comfort.
Stable idling: The idling is not affected and still feels like stock.
Unwanted noise: Precision design helped eliminate tappet noise.
■ The inner shim conversion is designed for the high cam lift conversion.
* Inner Shim Conversion: Stable for high cam lift conversion.
* Valve Springs: Compatible with stock valve springs.
* Valve Timing: Not required as it has been already preset by TOMEI.
* Head Work: Can be fitted as normal on stock head.
* ECU Compatibility: You will see performance gains even on the stock ECU.

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