Tomei Poncam for Subaru Impreza GRB EJ207 2008+

Tomei Poncam for Subaru Impreza GRB EJ207 2008+

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The long awaited GRB camshafts are finally here. We have designed our new camshafts to suit the new GRB engines characteristics which utilizes the AVCS variable valve timing on both the intake and exhaust.
Our R&D has found our new camshafts are optimizing the performance of the AVCS throughout the entire power band. With excellent pickup and response the improved results show even at the high end of the power band.

■Made from Special Materials
■Precision Grinding
■Preset Valve Timing
■Stock Valve Springs Compatible
■Best Overall Performance
■Outstanding Turbine Response
■Variable Valve Timing Compatible
■Stable Idling
■The Best Total Balance

Intake Duration:      260°
Intake Lift:         9.80mm
Exhaust Duration: 256°
Exhaust Lift:        10.80mm




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