Tomei Head Gasket for Toyota 1JZ-GTE

Tomei Head Gasket for Toyota 1JZ-GTE

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The technological advancement of performance engines and even more so from tuned engines will increase the burden of stress on the head gasket. Under extreme conditions of high cylinder pressures and competition use, the head gasket is often the weakest point. The expansion and 3D pressure image shown, displays the effectiveness of the TOMEI multiple layered head gasket with the super grommet design (shown with the pressure image analysis system). The sealing performance is pursued with cross-section measurements and utilizing various functions within the design.

Although the stock product is metal, yet the sealing performance is limited due to the bead type design. Most aftermarket products being sold are made by metal materials, but they use the simple grommet type design. The sealing performance has been improved considerably with the super grommet, to suit these engines and has been proven to deliver excellent reliability. (Super Grommet = Dual Seal Method combining both the Bead Structure & Metal Grommet designs).

The gas sealing characteristics will improve with the raised rib, but the sealing characteristics of the neighbouring water and oil channels are equally reduced. Therefore when pushing for power gains, these areas are weak points that can allow leakages. The TOMEI design focuses on all areas to provide the maximum seal with the use of the super grommet design. By using the rib height to ensure an equal overall high surface pressure seal, where it's needed the most.

We have decided to make various sizes available to suit each end users needs. The more options available will allow you to fine tune your engine to suit your specific needs to get that right compression ratio that you are after.


1JZ-GTE WITH/WITHOUT VVTi φ87.5 1.5mm 1372875151
1.8mm 1372875181
2.0mm 1372875201
2JZ-GTE WITH/WITHOUT VVTi 1.5mm 1371875151
1.8mm 1371875181
2.0mm 1371875201