TF K-Series Kswap RWD High-Rise NA Header

TF K-Series Kswap RWD High-Rise NA Header

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RWD K-series High-Rise NA Headers!

We decided it was time for us to design our own header, which out performs other brands and looks good.

High-Rise style was popular in the late 80's to early 90's on cars such as the Hachi-Roku's and even the Beams motor swaps.  The styling balanced out the engine bay after the K-series is swapped in as before, the passenger side looked very boring.
The reason for the header was not only for the looks, but because the S2000 RWD K-series header we purchased online had restrictions in the design, which prevented the engine from performing to its full potential.

When it comes to header design, most look for the most effective exhaust gas scavenging which in turn will provide a better overall efficiency of the engine.
We went with the 4-2-1 header design to achieve a more linear power band for the K-series engine as we all know the K-series makes most of the power up top.
Our headers are 2" primaries to two 2.5" collectors, which then lead to a single 3" collector with a V-band flange.
On the dyno, we gained 23ft/lbs of torque and 4whp gain just from our High-Rise headers.  Final numbers with our billet intake manifold was:  227whp / 186ft/lbs on a stock K24 on 93 pump gas (results will vary).
Just like our intake manifold, the bottom holes for the header flange is slotted for easy install.

Designed and fabricated in-house out of polished 304 stainless steel.  Please note that the fitment was based off of our own K-swap kits.  Fitment is not guaranteed with any other kits or custom kits.
The color of the header will change as it is heat cycled.

Our headers will come with a male 304 stainless V-band flange, Stainless clamp, and genuine OEM Honda multi-layer stainless steel gasket.



***Off road use only***