TF BNR32 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR Brake Package:  DBA / Ferodo

TF BNR32 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR Brake Package: DBA / Ferodo

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TF BNR32 GTR Street Brake Upgrade Package - Disc brakes Australia/Ferrodo/Goodridge

This package aims to increase the braking performance of your R32 GTR in a street friendly application.

2x DBA 4000 T3 T-SLOT ROTOR (Front 4926S)
2x DBA 4000 T3 T-SLOT ROTOR (Rear 4908S)
1x Ferodo DS2500 Front Brake Pads (FCP986 BASE GTR MODEL W/ SUMITOMO CALIPERS)
1x Ferodo DS2500 Rear Brake Pads (FCP1372H)


New to DBA is the Symmetrical T-slot rotors for Nissan Skyline R32 GTR 89-93

The Kangaroo Paw system doesn’t use traditional vanes – it uses a series of diamond shaped pillars to promote greater airflow. The holes now need to be positioned next to these pillars. In a manufacturing sense this is more complex, but from a buyer’s point of view it gives a disc that is stronger as well as better cooled. Each hole is chamfered or ‘radiused’ around its opening to reduce pad abrasion and provide a smooth transition between hole and friction area.

  • Patented ‘Kangaroo Paw’ ventilation design* provides greater heat dissipation
  • XG150 High Carbon Alloyed Iron increases the thermal capacity properties of the rotor
  • Tri-Symmetrical T3 Slot design dampens the vibration harmonics resulting in a quieter, responsive and a further improvement of brake pedal feel when compared to the T2 slot design
  • TSP (Thermal Stability Profiling) prolongs the service life of the rotor. This process is only applied to HEAVY DUTY, T3 4X4 and CLUBSPEC rotors containing XG-150 high carbon alloyed iron

Ferodo DS2500 Front/Rear Brake Pads

The DS2500  is currently the best hybrid track/street pad on the market.   It features the moderately high bite and solid fade resistance of a track pad, with the relatively low dust and noise levels of a street pad.  When used as a street pad, it can produce some squeal on certain vehicle platforms.  During aggressive driving the DS2500 is known for its flat torque curve, which means as temperatures go up, the response through the brake pedal remains consistent.  If you drive aggressively on the street, do some canyon runs, autoX, and maybe some light track duty on street tires, the DS2500 is tough to beat.



*This Package is for the R32 GTR BASE MODEL W/ NON BREMBO CALIPERS*