TeamTech Motorsports SFI 5 Point Camlock Harness with Pads

TeamTech Motorsports SFI 5 Point Camlock Harness with Pads

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This is a standard color SFI 5 point harness.
- Integrated shoulder and pelvic pads 

Teamtech harnesses are perfect for use in professional race cars, off-road buggies, and street cars.
These 4 point harnesses have shoulder bilts with 3" webbing, and adjusts from 23" to 75" on each individual  shoulder with ultra light aluminum adjusters.
The lap belts have 3" webbing and adjusts from 18" to 58" with individual steel adjusters. 

Teamtech's rotary CamLock buckle is so unique that it is patent pending in the United States.
All components are made out of 4130 carbon steel and are plated with Nickel and chorme for wear and corrosion resistance.  
The Buckle is FIA and SFI approved for most all racing applications. 

***Please allow 8-10 business days for delivery.  Each Harness is made to order***

Snap-in:  For use with eye-bolts
Bolt-in:    Bolts directly into chassis or other mouting surface
Tube Mount:  For use with Harness bar