Spiegler Performance Stainless Steel Brake Lines BMW E46 3 Series - Front

Spiegler Performance Stainless Steel Brake Lines BMW E46 3 Series - Front

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BMW E46 3-Series / including M3.

Stated simply, some of the automotive brake lines currently on the market are downright frightening.  Looking at the fitting and assembly quality makes you wonder where the parts came from, and who put them together.  Low grade carbon steel fittings, sloppy stainless weave, no abrasion coatings, substandard linings…the list goes on.  When you consider that your brake lines are the critical safety link between your foot and your calipers, these facts aren’t exactly comforting.  Not only are some of these parts suspect, it can take forever to actually receive them after placing an order.

Spiegler does things a little differently.  While you may not be familiar with the Spiegler name, they’ve been a trusted producer of stainless steel brake lines in the motorcycle racing industry for some time.  Every component in a Spiegler brake line is manufactured to exacting standards in the USA or Western Europe, and these premium components are then hand assembled and tested at Spiegler’s facilities in Dayton, Ohio.  You can buy Spiegler Stainless Steel Brake Lines with confidence, knowing that you’ll be receiving the finest product available for your car. 

You’ll also receive your parts quickly.  When you have a track day on the horizon, you know you’ll have your parts in time to install them.

Not only is Spiegler’s quality and delivery superior, they also provide some innovative features which solve some old problems:



All components manufactured in USA and Europe

Stringent and consistent quality control

Stress-free Torsion Fitting System

Allows 360 degree rotation of banjo fitting for correct alignment and strain reduction

Abrasion resistant coating/sheath

Eliminates snagging and chafing

Aircraft quality stainless steel fittings and bolts

Superior strength, longevity, and safety

Heavy gauge, tightly woven stainless steel braid

Eliminates line swell, more consistent feel

Du Pont PTFE- Teflon® lining

Reduces line expansion and provides greater durability

DOT compliant

Quality assurance, road legal

Wide range of colors

Allows for personalization

Standard and custom designs shipped in 48 hours

No more waiting around for lines to show up

Full testing battery on all parts, with lifetime warranty

Purchase and drive with confidence


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