SERIALNINE - DS Pro Drive Shaft Adapter

SERIALNINE - DS Pro Drive Shaft Adapter

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Our lightweight, minimalist adapter does away with the rubber Guibo on all 3 bolt flange diffs and allows the use of a 1 piece driveshaft with traditional 1310/1350 U-joint.

CNC machined out of the same 7075-T6 Aluminum as aircraft landing gear, the DS-PRO will withstand endless hard launches or clutch kicks at any power level.

  • Multi bolt pattern to fit either the 105mm (SC300/GS300/Soarer) or 115mm (SC400/GS400/430/Aristo) bolt patterns. Hi Grade 12.9 metric and Grade 8 SAE (DS flange) hardware included.
  • OEM type bosses fit the differential flange perfectly. Not simply relying on the bolt strength results in stronger, more efficient power transfer.
  • Fits Toyota and Lexus Large diff cars with 3 bolt flange and rubber isolator.

JZA80 | JZZ30 | UZZ30 | UZZ40 | JZS147 | JZS161 | UZS161 | UCF10 | UCF20

  • Fits DANA SPICER 2-2-479 1310 series (Max 800lb/ft continuous) or 3-2-119 1350 series (Max 1240lb/ft continuous)