S-Chassis RWD Kswap Radiator Cooling Package

S-Chassis RWD Kswap Radiator Cooling Package

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To make the kswap even easier for the S-chassis, we developed a reinforced silicone radiator hose kit.
Our hose kit was designed to work in conjunction with our K-swap radiator, RWD Kswap billet water neck and the swivel thermostat housing.
Using our hose kit takes all guess work out of trying to find rubber hoses that fits.

Included in this package:
1 x Koyo dual pass radiator for S-chassis Kswap
1 x Koyo 1.3kg Hyper Cap
1 x Billet upper water neck
1 x Honda OEM upper water neck gasket
1 x Billet swivel thermostat
1 x Reinforced Silicone hose kit
4 x Worm clamps