Red Line DCTF Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid - Quart

Red Line DCTF Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid - Quart

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  • Designed to provide extreme protection in many wet and -dry-style dual clutch transmissions.
  • Popular for VW/AUDI, BMW, Porsche PDK, Ferrari
  • Compatible with other lubricants designed for dual clutch transmissions, follow owners manual for service intervals
    • Red Line offers the widest selection of fully-synthetic ATF on the market today
    • Each offer improved thermal stability, maintain viscosity levels, and feature lower volatility while providing the required frictional characteristics of each fluid's OEM-style replacement
    • Reduced oxidation and lower volatility at high temperature
    • Allows high-temp operation without varnishing valves and clutches
    • Extended drain intervals

  • Suitable for: 
    VW TL 052 182
    VW TL 052 529 (AUDI)
    BMW DCTF-1 & MTF-LT-5
    Peugeot/Citroen 9734.S2
    Ferrari TF DCT-F3
    Mitsubishi SSTF-I
    Ford/Getrag M2C-936-A
    ZF TE ML-11
    Porsche 000 043 207 29
    Porsche 000 043 207 30
    Chrysler 68044345EA
    MB 236.21
    Volvo BOT 341