Recaro Side Bracket Set

Recaro Side Bracket Set

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Recaro Side Bracket Set

Recaro's Locking Sliders are some of the best in the industry. Made of high quality materials, they offer strength and piece of mind for anyone putting an aftermarket seat in their vehicle.

The mechanism is actuated by a steel bar between the two seat rails. This bar is attached directly to the release mechanism, which yields a direct feel on the seat release. No more mushy cable releases.

The sliders are offered in two configurations. The set "With Tabs" is designed to be used with a vehicle specific floor plate that is constructed so that the bolts attaching the sliders are parallel with the ground. This is a very common application in street cars, which will give height adjustment to aftermarket sport seats with no other height adjustment. We call it "With Tabs" because they have tabs hanging down on the front and rear of the seat rail with a few holes in them, where the bolts fit to the vehicle plate.

The set "Without Tabs" is what you will use if you are putting a racing shell in your car, or if your vehicle specific bracket is built such that the bolts attaching the slider are perpendicular to the ground.