PRP - RB20/25/26 Double CAS Bracket

PRP - RB20/25/26 Double CAS Bracket

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Double CAS Bracket

Crank / Cam Angle sensor billet bracket (DOUBLE CAS BRACKET)(AKA THE HEART)

This piece of CNC machined billet alloy is specifically designed to give you options when it comes to RB cam driven accessories. Mechanical fuel pumps can be driven off either cam, as well as aftermarket trigger kits can be combined and run on either inlet or exhaust cam, or split up into separate units and run off either alternate camshaft.

If you wish to expose your cam gears the bracket is very catching to the eye, comes in all PRP colours and also has the benefit of being able to adjust your cam gear without the removal of the crank angle sensor.

The bracket is made one piece to include the CAS sensor spacers, ensuring they are not lost or dropped while installing the CAS sensor or aftermarket trigger kit

Works with OEM CAS if required and all known aftermarket trigger kits and OEM covers still do fit after some modification in the inlet side.