Nankang Motorsport AR-1 100tw Performance Tire

Nankang Motorsport AR-1 100tw Performance Tire

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Nankang AR-1 100tw Performance Tire

Over the last couple years, the AR-1 has been proving itself as a considerable option in Europe among several race series.  New for 2019 is the Nankang AR-1's arrival to the USA.  There is a new and improved version of the compound for the US-market featuring a 100tw rating. We are expecting our first major shipment to be arriving sometime in early-March and the pre-order is live now.

You will not be able to purchase these from common tire retailers such as Tire Rack or Discount Tire; the AR-1 will only be available through very few select motorsport shops. Limited quantity will be available in select sizes.

Read up on the results and in depth analysis on our blog from a test session and review provided by a few of our seasoned drivers that got a chance to try out the new tire at Barber Motorsports Park:…/nankang-ar1-testing-data-review/

*315/30ZR18 and 305/30ZR19 first shipment arrival expected June 2019**


Click here to read the full article of Speed Academy's tire shootout .  Nankang AR-1 vs Maxxis RC-1 vs Toyo R888R