MINES - Titanium Suction Pipe Kit (R35 GTR)

MINES - Titanium Suction Pipe Kit (R35 GTR)

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The R35 GT-R original suction pipe resists intake airflow at high boost pressure, which ineffectively decreases throttle response. The MineâÄôs Titanium Suction Pipe Kit, on the other hand, not only increases the strength and durability but also throttle response by minimizing flow friction. Using a pipe bender to bend the pipe reduces airflow speed due to the contour of the inner surface and due to the fact its bender can not easily make the perfectly circular pipe. Meanwhile, we round sliced the titanium pipe and welded each titanium section to ensure each pipe is perfectly circular right the way through. Each weld is then extensively cleaned to perfection. Furthermore, by enlarging the pipe inner diameter fromÏÜ45 toÏÜ60, the sufficient capacity can be attained, and thus increases throttle response and the performance of approx. 20 - 30hp. The kit comes with the world renown reliable silicone hose.


Kit Includes:

Titanium Suction Pipe: x 2

Silicone Hose: x 2

Hose Clamp: x 4