Mine's Carbon Hood Type II - R35 GT-R

Mine's Carbon Hood Type II - R35 GT-R

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Mine's Carbon Hood Type II - R35 GT-R (G102186)

One of the problems of increasing the engine power is how to deal with the heat. In order to maximize the potential of GT-R, this hood is designed for maximum weight reduction and effective heat control. At the same time, the hood boasts a factory-like external beauty with Mines superb quality.. 

The hot air is led though the airflow guide and is vented from the exhaust ducts on the hood. The external duct has a drain channel to protect the engine room from rain.

Made of twilled dry carbon, the construction is similar to the Carbon Hood Type I with the reinforced inner rib and a honeycomb structure to achieve the highest strength to weight ratio. The weight of the hood is 5.2 kg which is the 57 % weight reduction from the stock.