ZF 5spd kit with Twin Disk

K-swap Engine and Trans Mount Kit: S-Chassis Phase 2

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*This item is currently on back order due to production delay, please allow 2-3 weeks for ship time on new orders. As of 4/10*


Phase 2 kit includes your choice of a billet aluminum flywheel for a single disc clutch or our popular twin disc clutch kit.

It's everything you need to set the motor and trans in the chassis.
We did this so you can decide on the power goals, and what/how you want to use your car, whether it's for the street or track.
Doing the swap in phases also helps with your wallet.

This package is designed to install a K-series engine  in your S13 / S14 / S15 chassis.
Variants of K-series will work, however some do not have the performance of what the 04-08 TSX K24A2's are able to produce.
The kit is designed to work with the BMW ZF 5-speed (E36/E46), ZF 6-speed (E46) Transmissions.

Our kit has been thoroughly tested in track conditions to ensure quality and performance.
In order for our kit to work in the S-chassis, you must purchase this complete kit, which includes the following:

- Billet Engine Mounts
- Billet Subframe Spacers 
- Billet Trans Mount 
- Aluminum Oil Pan
- Billet Oil Pump Adapter Kit
- Billet K Series to ZF Trans Adapter Plate
- Billet Aluminum Flywheel or our popular Twin Disc Clutch
- Honda OEM Flywheel Bolts (8)
- Shifter Selector Rod

This is to get the engine and transmission to mount and align properly in the S-chassis.
The 7mm spacers move the front subframe down just enough where the suspension geometry is not altered to have any major effect, and still clear the OEM steel hood.
It also allows the pan to sit flush so it is not the lowest point of the car.
This also ensures proper hood clearance.  We have installed an OEM metal hood to make sure.  
SR20DET engine strut tower braces can work with our kit.

You must use K to ZF billet flywheel and one of the  single disc clutch options or our custom Twin disc clutch kit.

Please note:  
Each oil pan comes standard with one 1/2" NPT female bung for turbo oil drain and one 1/8" NPT female bung for a temp sensor.  
If you need a second 1/2" NPT female bung added on the intake side of the pan - please select the option.

For those that are running an aggressively low suspension/chassis setup, we highly recommend our front sway-bar spacers (included in the "front sway-bar utilization" option above) to insure oil-pan and front sway-bar clearance!

If you have a HICAS equipped chassis - you may need to grind the steel bracket on the engine mount slightly to allow for the larger steering shaft yoke.

**Please check back often as we will be constantly adding new products to make the K-swap evolve and make the install less complex**