J's Racing Roll Center Adjuster 20mm Knuckle Assembly [Left] - Honda S2000 AP1 AP2

J's Racing Roll Center Adjuster 20mm Knuckle Assembly [Left] - Honda S2000 AP1 AP2

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J's Racing Roll Center Adjuster 20mm Kuckle Assembly [Left] - Honda S2000 AP1 AP2

This is the J’s Racing S2000 Roll Center Adjuster (20mm) installed to the stock Honda

* Rear Knuckle
* Hub bearing
* Sirclip
* Hub ASSY
* Back plate

The stock Honda parts used are all brand new and they are precision assembled at J’s Racing factory with the experienced mechanic.   There is no need for the pressing and the product makes it possible to do DIY (do-it-yourself) installation.


J’s Racing S2000 Rear Roll Center Adjuster (20mm)

Ball Joint  S45C

Ball Stud  SCM435HB195-260  Total Swing Angle 39°

The extension  20mm

This is a special part to restore the ideal roll center geometry for S2000.

The lower arm angle of a lower ride height S2000 becomes separated “V” shape and the roll center point moves to a far low position. The deviation of the roll center from the center of the gravity results in a deteriorated cornering force due to the increased body roll.   Furthermore, the reduced suspension stroke leads to a diminished performance at the limit.

The J’s Racing roll center adjuster rectifies the situation by restoring the ideal roll center position (minimizing the deviation of the roll center and the center of the gravity) and produces the ideal suspension geometry.

* Reduced roll
* Increased stability of the tires
* Sharper steering response
* Faster cornering

The product was born from the countless data and know-how gained from the actual racing activities.

It can be very effective on the street as well as on the race tracks.

It does not fit the 16 inch wheels.

This product is for left side only.  The right side is to be purchased separately.

A proper alignment adjustment is required after the installation.

Please apply the correct tightening torque.

**Please contact us regarding current availability of this item prior to purchase**