J's Racing Pillow Rear Control Arm - Honda S2000 AP1 AP2

J's Racing Pillow Rear Control Arm - Honda S2000 AP1 AP2

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J's Racing Pillow Rear Control Arm - Honda S2000 AP1 AP2

Adjustable control arm length by the shaft end

The rear control arm of the S2000 plays a very important roll in the rear suspension. However, the stock control arm is made of rubber bushing and it is not adjustable, which limits the full potential of S2000 in sport driving.

After 6 years of research and development, J’s Racing has released the special control arm with the following features. 


Feature 1)

The pillow balls at the control arm end generate direct steering feel and greater stability.

Compared with the stock rubber bushing, the pillow balls eliminate the unwanted angle change within the safety margin.

The pillow balls have an excellent corrosion resistance and its durability is superb.

(If they are damaged,  the repair parts can be sold separately)


Feature 2)

You can adjust the end shaft of the control arm (collar adjustable) for various ride height changes in order to control the bump steer.

The bump steer, defined in the suspension geometry, is a change in toe angle when the tires move up and down. 

Especially when you lower the ride height of your S2000, the control arm’s angle forms a shape like a separated “V” and it causes an unwanted peaky toe movement.  With the installment of this product,  you can restore the control arm position to horizontal and reduce the bump steer.  (The horizontal position generates less unwanted toe movement for S2000)

J’s Racing thinks that the control of the bump steer and the roll center is one of the most important suspension settings.


Feature 3)

With the freedom to adjust the control arm length, you can set the best camber angle.

(Increasing the camber angle leads to a wider tread value)

Made of 2017S aluminum, it also contributes to a weight reduction. The turnbuckle structure helps for a speedy alignment adjustment.


The is a must-have part for a performance driving of your S2000

**Please use the proper tightening torque.**

**An alignment adjustment is necessary after the installment.**

**Please contact us regarding current availability of this item prior to purchase**